An ISO 9001:2008 Company According to WHO and GMP Standards

A Strategy for Growth

Zenon Healthcare has a premium brand image through a robust and agile marketing and sales throughout India. We endeavor to build associations with companies that are also committed with a passion and ethical practices in marketing and distribution. Our marketing team has built strategic partnerships with companies that help us broaden our distribution networks meaning we are constantly reaching new customers in new markets.

Only by marketing to wider population centers with effective and comprehensive marketing strategies will Zenon Healthcare march towards global healthcare dominance. Our marketing professionals look for newer ways to reach the untapped markets through traditional and unconventional means. By establishing a consistent effort with the right strategies, the marketing team with associated partner agencies brings our product to life in the marketplace.

The successful companies of tomorrow are those who go beyond delivering products, these companies provide innovative and affordable solutions and services. Our marketing team comprises of well-experienced persons with appropriate technical and commercial skills, who are constantly in search of increasing customer service and satisfaction levels. We constantly work on bringing innovative products to the markets and seizing value enhancing growth opportunities by partnering with only the best.

As our distribution network continues to grow, we look forward to hitting new markets and grow globally.

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