Vision to Cure, Mission to Care.

Zenon has a proud heritage and is committed to sustaining life and promising healthcare through increasing access to its high quality and affordable medicines.

20+ Years of Passionate Care

200+ Empolyees dedicated to humanity.

300+ Products in Diverse Segments

Who we are?

We stand by our relentless patient driven approach.

Zenon Healthcare is a pharmaceutical company focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical products. Zenon has emerged as a pivotal force in the global pharmaceutical industry, offering products in diverse segments, allowing us to improve the quality of lives of millions.

Our strong commitment to high quality and our dedication to innovate is directed towards continuously improving the health and wellness in lives across the globe.

Our commitment lies in building up affordable quality healthcare, accessible to all.



Our facility is a congruence of years of scientific experience meeting state of the art, technology and equipment, all directed by stringent quality.


Intelligent Concoctions

Experts at Zenon Healthcare bring together a mix of experience, precision, and unparalleled standard of quality.


Market Access

Our team of experts are dedicated to deliver the highest quality support and assistance in securing regulatory approvals.



We focus on improvement of the quality of healthcare by identifying and offering newer approaches to cure.

Our Portfolio

Meeting global medical needs, large and small.

We are proud to boost a robust portfolio of generics, speciality care medicines, and Over-the-Counter products. Our product portfolio contains leading molecules for the treatment of conditions in the field of cardiology, neurology, respiratory, diabetic, pain management, gastroenterology, anti-infectives to name a few.

We aspire to innovate a pace with patients’ current needs across the globe.

Our Core

We at Zenon, strive to assure that every dose is safe and effective, free of contamination and defects.

We are meticulous about how our products are developed and manufactured and refuse to compromise on excellence. Our rigorous qulity protocols have been designed to ensure your products meet all standards for regulatory compliance and is safe for use by the patients.

Our laboratories are equipped with modern qualified equipment which ensure reliable and consistent analytical results.


Our approach to collaborations is designed to foster sustainable long term business relationships.

At Zenon, we value partnerships and collaborations. We aim at creating synergies for the larger benefit of mankind. Our wealth of international experience, our ability to work closely with partners and our flexibility in structuring win-win scenarios has enabled us to establish multiple and sustainable partnerships.

Our product and process design capabilities help our customers meet their target product profiles and commercial objectives, while allowing rapid development across a wide range of dosage forms.

Our Footprints

Our goal is to develop partnerships bounded by a shared vision and expand our impact across the globe.

Our products are exported to countries in Asia Pacific, Africa, CIS, Middle East, Latin America and Central America.