Our Responsibility

Our motto is to transform lives by promising a robust portfolio with the highest standard quality, compliance, safety & performance.

Our dedication isn't limited to our patients & partners.

Corporate responsibility is an integral part of our corporate culture. We keep the patient at the heart of everything we do here at Zenon, and the weight of that responsibility is always at the forefront of our minds. We maintain an unwavering focus on the wellbeing of communities across the globe. As an integrated healthcare leader, we strive to protect the health, enhance the life, and respond to the health needs of millions.

  • environmental_responsibility

    Environmental Responsibility

    We create value for our business and our communities by respecting the environment, and understanding and reducing our impact on the world around us. We constantly strive to follow best practices and make clear commitments to reduce our environmental footprint. We do this by developing manufacturing procedures that consume less energy and water, and the inclusion of environmental criteria in the selection of new production procedures.

  • safe_working_environment

    Safe Working Environment

    Our company bases its moral and social policies on respect for people with our zero accident policy. For us responsibility is about creating a sustainable business with a vibrant and ethical culture that will help people lead better today, tomorrow, and well into the future. By thinking differently, we pledge to change not only the patient’s lives, but also the world around us.

  • commitment_to_community

    Commitment to Community

    We believe today’s biggest business opportunities lie in society’s biggest challenges. We create socio-economic value by using our skills and experience to engage with and help local communities, measuring our impact, and encouraging a network-wide focus on capacity building and education. We also support local charitable projects in the areas of medicine and health.

  • access_to_healthcare

    Access to Healthcare

    Access to quality healthcare is a true challenge. Nearly one third of the global population does not have access to essential medicines and vaccines, due to inadequate diagnostic testing and distribution channels, lack of healthcare personnel, and geo-political conflicts. To overcome this, we provide resources and expertise to communities by working with the healthcare chain. We seek to develop solutions that are suited to a patient's needs. Our ongoing commitment drives the development of innovative products and services adapted to the needs of patients and communities