Our commitment to offering quality that is absolute and uncompromising.

Delivery quality for our customers and their patients.

At Zenon Healthcare, we are meticulous about how our products are developed and manufactured and refuse to compromise on excellence. We strive to follow the continuous cycle of learning, implementation, and impact measurement.

Our highly skilled, experienced team manages every step of the production process with utmost efficiency and attention to details as a part of our quality control system this provides assurance of a smooth transition from lab to commercial scale overseen by the quality control department.

Our laboratories are equipped with modern qualified equipment which ensure reliable and consistent analytical results. Zenon recognizes that quality is not only associated with the product but also is determined by the condition of the premises, the efficiency of the equipment procedures, and the standard of materials used. We also recognize that services, documentation, and personnel involved directly or indirectly in the manufacturing processes equally contribute to maintain quality compliance. Tests are conducted in accordance with the specifications and analysis methods in line with the requirements of the Standard Pharmacopoeia and legislation’s (directives, regulations & guidelines). Validated processes and procedures characterize each area, which helps to maintain consistent product quality.

Our Quality Consciousness

The uniqueness of the high Quality standards are monitored at each level of operations.

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    Procurement is fulfilled by four strategic objectives: reliable suppliers, high quality products, timely delivery and achieving the cost effectiveness.

  • production

    Manufacturing operations are designed and proven to ensure a zero-tolerance to any compromise in quality or safety during the production processes.

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    Research & Development

    Innovative strategies with technological trends and focuses on developing novel products to help sustain Zenon’s extraordinary growth.

  • commercialization

    Stringent planning and monitoring across the value chain enables timely supply of products in accordance with quality standards.

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    Customer Service

    Zenon’s business development team assists customers across different markets by providing reliable, consistent service to flourish and develop long term sustainable collaborations.

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    Life Cycle Management

    Right from project inception, through design and production, to commercial supply and subsequent services, all stages are monitored to achieve utmost quality standards.