The Company

Building a healthier future together.

We wish to improve the quality of life of our patients and become an indispensable partner in everyday life.

20 years of Promising Care

Complying to global standards

Better Health through Better Medicine

Committed to quality, Delivering excellence.

Zenon has emerged as a pivotal force in the global pharmaceutical industry, offering over 300 products in diverse segments, allowing us to improve the quality of lives of millions. Our strong commitment to high quality and our dedication to innovate is directed towards continuously improving the health and wellness in lives across the globe.


To prosper as a global leading healthcare company by nurturing on the principles of mutual growth & success by offering excellence in product quality standards.



Our mission is to nurture the global healthcare communities and develop partnerships bound by a shared vision and expand our impact across the globe.

Core Values

Our core values are reflected in every aspect of our business, from them formulation of an idea to the bottling of cure.

Research & Development

Our goal is to make measurable difference to patients' lives. We believe that our innovative approach to care and cure will help us to contribute towards a healthier community.

Novel Drug Delivery System

Our research into the NDDS over conventional dosage form focuses on Increased efficacy of the drug, Site specific delivery, Decreased toxicity/side effects, Increased convenience and Better patient compliance.

Novel Therapeutic Combinations

Our research focuses on novel therapeutic combinations aimed at helping the patients by Reduced pill intake, Reduced side effects and more effective delivery in areas of Pain Management, Cardiology, Diabetes to name a few.

Speciality Focus Areas

Our Aim is to be at the forefront in curing the disease and reduce the suffering, discomfort of the patients. We have consistently focused on developing therapies for chronic diseases.